Bathtub and Shower Refinishing



Don't Replace.. Refinish!
and save 80% of remodeling costs!

Have a worn, aged or damaged tub in need of repair? Island Bath Works specializes in  professional refinishing services to restore your existing tub or shower to like new condition, while saving you valuable time and money!

Bathroom refinishing is a process which dramatically transforms your old and worn bathtub and walls back to new with the latest in coatings technology. There is an enormous palette of high gloss tub colors to choose from, as well as many exclusive stone finishes which give your bathtub/shower walls the appearance of Corian or granite. The process is generally completed in just 1 day, and is ready to use the following day. When completed, your shiny new surfaces will not only look great, but will also be non porous and easy to clean.

Why Refinish??

Restore your old and worn tub to new
Over time, your bathtub gets worn down with abrasive cleaners, aggressive water and normal wear and tear which makes the surface porous, and impossible to clean. Refinishing creates a slick nonporous finish which looks great, and easy to clean with common tub cleaners.

Update old color schemes
Homes in Hawaii were built with quality components which were meant to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the designs and color schemes are a thing of the past. Refinishing can bring new life and an updated look to old tubs.

Repair Damaged Tubs
Bathtubs can be damaged through normal use, or from a bad installation job. If left unattended, they can develop into a major problem which can cost huge amounts of money in water damages. Just because there is a nick, chip, or hole doesn't mean you need to replace. Repair and refinish to get the job done right.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will refinishing save me?

Bathtub and wall replacement jobs in Hawaii typically costs approximately $7000, and takes over a week of construction mess, noise, and time off from your job to complete. Refinishing saves you 80% or more of the cost, and is completed with minimal disruption in your life.

How long does the process take?

The refinishing process generally takes 1 full work day, and is ready to use the following day

How long does a refinished tub last?

Typically 10-15 years or more. We give a 5 year written warranty on residential tub refinishing jobs, which is 5x longer than the warranty you will get when purchasing a new bathtub..

What about the existing caulking?

The existing caulking is removed, and the tub and walls are recaulked
after the refinishing process

What will become of tile grout lines?

Grout lines will be repaired if necessary, and will be resurfaced during the process. This will not only give the wall a continuous color pattern, but also completely seals in the grout lines, making them non porous, and easy to clean.

Why should I refinish when I can buy a new bathtub for $300?

The associated labor and material charges with demolition, plumbing and tiling in a new bathtub will typically cost about $7000.