Safe & Easy Walk-thru Tub Conversion

Island Bath Works specializes in affordable walk-thru bathtub conversions which make it easier for any person with limited mobility get in and out of the tub safely and easily. Our conversion process is fully customizable for any size or type of bathtub, and saves over 80% of the typical costs associated with tearing out, and rebuilding a shower.

  • Lowers step-over height for Safe and Easy access
  • Seamless watertight construction
  • Completed on any type of tub
  • Not a cheap and flimsy tub liner
  • Custom made and sized for each tub
  • Lifetime manufacture's warranty
  • Ready to use the next day!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can this be completed on MY bathtub?

Yes, this conversion is very versatile, and can be done an any cast iron, steel, or fiberglass tub in any size. The exception is tubs which have had a drop in liner, or shell previously installed


Is this a drop in liner, or a new bathtub that will be installed?

No, this is not a drop in plastic liner that sits on top of your tub. This is a modification to your existing bathtub.


What size entrance can be made?

Typically, a 20" entrance is adequate for safe access into the tub. Any smaller, or larger size is possible.


Can a shower chair be used with the conversion?

Yes. Shower chairs work great with the tub conversion service. We personally recommend the MedMobile chair. It is well made with wide feet, and an excellent value for the price. If you need a permanent tub bench installed, please give us a call.


How does the water stay in?

Shower curtains are recommended for keeping the water in. This conversion is compatible with shower doors, but it will restrict the use of a wall mounted grab bar when entering and exiting the tub. There are walk-in style bathtubs with doors available on the market, however, typical installation and material costs in Hawaii will total about $15,000. These types of tubs are known to leak, while being troublesome and impractical to use.